To participate at 2022 CDO Convention in presence in Rimini you have to make registration A + B, with your options.
You can follow the Convention online with Zoom with registration C.


A - Registration to CDO Convention in presence

Registration to CDO

Registrations are closed




B - Hotel Booking and registration

Hotel bookings are closed.




C - Registration to Zoom Convention

6 workshops will be shared on Zoom. The registration fee is 10 euros for all (cdo members and not members) and from everywhere. The video registrations of the workshops will be avaliable to registered participants.

Fill the registration online form

> Payments to CDO



Teach some models at the Convention

If you want to hold a workshop during the Convention fill one online form for each model, with photos and descriptions.

Registrations will end on 7 november.

Compile the form for the workshops

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