XXXIV CDO Convention

Grand Hotel Terme Astro - Tabiano Bagni (PR)
December 8–11 2016



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Scroll down to find other information about transportations!


Important news:

Registration open: June 22, 2016, 12:00 CET
Registration close (NO EXCEPTIONS): November 30, 2016, 11.59 PM CET
Late subscription fee (15 euro): November, 20, 2016

- registration will be confirmed only upon receipt of payment
- the number of single rooms in the hotel is limited. When ended, it will be possible to get a single room in another hotel.
- there is a tourism tax to pay directly at the hotel: 2 euro per person per night (no tax for kids under 12 years)
- discounts for kids:
0-2 years free
2-9 years: 60% discount
9-14 years: 40% discount
14-99 years: full fee

Le iscrizioni al convegno sono chiuse. Ci vediamo a Tabiano!


Registration for the conference are closed. See you in Tabiano!


Full rate for the convention: € 260,00


Special guests

This year we are glad to have as special guests of the meeting:


Preliminary program


15.00: attendant welcome and model display
16.00: folding time
19.00: convention opening and guest introducing
20.00: dinner
21.30: bookshop


8.00: breakfast
9.00: folding time
12.30: lunch
14.00: CDO members meeting and board election
16.00: folding time
17.30: bookshop
20.00: dinner
21.30: surprise time


8.00: breakfast
9.00: folding time 12.00: group picture 12.30: lunch
15.00: folding time
17.30: bookshop
20.00: dinner
21.30: contests awards & games


8.00: breakfast
9.00: bookshop
9.30: folding time
12.00: lunch
15.00: convention closing; hugs & kisses allowed, tears forbidden



To meet organization needs, this schedule could be changed.


How to reach the convention:

1. The approximate cost of the taxi is: 

  • about 12 euro (night 16 euro): Salsomaggiore - Tabiano 
  • about 20 euro (night 25 euro): Fidenza - Tabiano 
  • about 50-60 euro: Parma - Tabiano

2. The hotel is disposable to arrange a shuttle service from Fidenza Train Station to the Hotel. 
This service must be booked contacting directly the Hotel  (++39 0524 565523) WITHIN December 1st, and it costs EUR 10 per person.


3. We have verified the public connections from Fidenza to Tabiano:  there are only a few buses that go directly from Fidenza to Tabiano (from a square, 200 meters from the train station, exiting at left). 
The other way is to go to Salsomaggiore by train, there is a light rail combining Fidenza to Salsomaggiore  and trains leaves from the train station. Then there are buses from Salsomaggiore to Tabiano, which leave from the square of the train station of Salsomaggiore.
Timetables for the various connections are here: and in particular: 

Buses Fidenza - Tabiano Bagni - Fidenza:

Light train Fidenza - Salsomaggiore Terme - Fidenza: 

Buses Salsomaggiore - Tabiano - Salsomaggiore:
Warning: there are some time slots, search for “orario in vigore dal 1/12 al 6/1 e dal 1/3 al 31/3





Roberto Gretter

Registration from abroad, folding tables
++39 (0)461 512330

Francesco Mancini

Diagrams for proceedings