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From: Luisa Canovi

OrigamiDo - Laboratori Giugno 2017 - Milano


Origami per l'Estate
Sabato pomeriggio dalle 15.00 alle 18.00
Domenica mattina dalle 10.00 alle 13.00

3-10-17-24 Giugno
ORIGAMI per l'Estate

Laboratorio di Origami semplici e divertenti
ogni Sabato pomeriggio di Giugno

4-18-25 Giugno

Laboratorio di Suminagashi (l'arte giapponese degli inchiostri fluttuanti)
ogni Domenica mattina di Giugno 


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From: Maria Luisa Spreafico

Seminari al Dipartimento di Matematica del Politecnico di Milano - 30 maggio 2017


Martedì 30 maggio 2017 nell'aula seminari al sesto piano del Dipartimento di Matematica del Politecnico di Milano
nell'ambito di una collaborazione scientifica internazionale del prof. Notari si terranno due seminari con le relatrici:

ore 14:30 Dott.ssa Eulàlia Tramuns Figueras
On the axiomatization of origami and other geometric instruments

ore 15:15 Dott.ssa M.L. Sonia Spreafico
Didattica con l'origami in università



Dipartimento di Matematica del Politecnico di Milano

via Bonardi 9, Milano
edificio La Nave

From: Hiroka Yamaguchi

Mostra su Akira Yoshizawa - Tokyo, Giappone 17 giugno - 3 settembre 2017


This summer we are holding again the exhibition of Akira Yoshizawa who have been famous as a pioneer of modern Origami.

Although it is holding soon, I would appreciate if you were interested in it and you will inform your members of this exhibition.


Exhibition title: Memorial Exhibition of Donated ORIGAMI - The eyes of Akira Yoshizawa who has god in his hands

Date: f rom June 17 to September 3 2017

Paper Museum in Tokyo, Japan

We have an English flyer of its exhibition with PDF file on our web site.

We are preparing to publish a catalogue of its exhibition on June.


Hiroka Yamaguchi

Curator, Paper Museum

From: Zsolt Fábián

28° Meeting internazionale in Ungheria - 4-6 agosto 2017

Dal 4 al 6 Agosto 2017 si svolgerà il Convegno organizzato dall'Associazione Origami Ungherese, presso Mezőberény. Ospite del convegno è il polacco Artur Biernacki

Per informazioni e iscrizioni:



From: Krystyna and Wojtek Burczyk

Polish origami convention 2017 16-18 Giugno 2017

Dear friends,

We would like to invite you to the Polish origami convention. The 16th Outdoor Origami Meeting (the 16th Polish Origami Convention aka Plener Origami) will be held Friday June 16th to Sunday June 18th, 2017 (with pre-folding session on Thursday June 15th evening). The convention place is located in the center of Krakow (Old Podgorze District), but still with some outdoor activities available. We hope such arrangement will attract you to Krakow and we will host you beginning of May.

Sébastien Limet is our special guest. He is an origami artist of young generation, for whom complex origami techniques form a basis for his own creations. His artworks are noteworthy both at technical level and final visual effect. His creations combine original folding sequence, much more than just shaping and far away from classic origami bases with amusing and humorous view of the world. While his models are complex, it is possible to follow folding sequence and it is enjoyable to fold with Sebastien. His workshop gives success for participants – they finish with a model that promises success with more practice (so you will finish with a nice model but three will be distinction in quality between your and teacher’s model).

Post-industrial Urban Space is the leading topic of our convention. It is closely related to the place of our convention. Zabłocie is a part of Kraków that was industrial are few years ago and not in converts to mixture of residential area, artist space and start-ups incubator.  So we are awaiting models related to changes in contemporary cities converting their identity from industrial past to new future. It may be representation of an industrial object (for instance a chimney, a shaft tower or railway) or reference to contemporary city as space that is friendly to people, animals and plants inhabiting such space. We welcome your comment explaining connection of your artwork with post-industrial space. Remember that good explanation may be key to understanding your art (especially why it fits our leading theme).

And as usual we especially appreciate geometric models.

We plan to publish a convention book this year too. Would you be so kind to send us a diagram of one of your creations related in some way to the leading theme, to be printed in the convention book. The book will be printed in ca. 150 copies and it will be sold to convention participants (at special low price) and later (if any copies left unsold). All proceeds from sale will cover the convention organization cost. Every author will receive a free copy of the convention book. Please send your diagram till 30th of April to the editor of the convention book Halina (Haligami) Rosciszewska-Narloch

If you are able to attend, please bring your models for exhibition.

The convention info and registration card will be available in February 2017 at  under "Plener / Convention" caption or directly at

Krystyna and Wojtek Burczyk